If you want to terminate your lease, you can use eServices to file for termination by visiting www.waslproperties.com or downloading the app to your mobile phone. All bond refunds are processed at the wasl Smart Center in Dubai Healthcare City. The decision also benefits tenants of industrial and investment land as well as sublease allowances. Fines for late payment and other fines are waived on a case-by-case basis. The app, which is the first of its kind in the region, allows buyers to search for new units near a defined area and make special offers to potential customers, the company`s May 13 press release said. Wasl properties, one of Dubai`s largest real estate development and management companies, has announced the launch of wasl properties Leasing, a new application that allows customers to find, book and rent new units in Wasl`s vast portfolio in just a few clicks and minutes. Please find below the documents necessary for the termination of the lease that must be filed in the subsidiary: 4. This booking is personal to you, is not transferable and you cannot at any time cede your rights and obligations arising from this booking to third parties. Only you can sign the rental agreement to rent the above unit as a tenant. You must keep this reservation confidential and not disclose the contents to third parties or not, as required by law. Regarding the launch, Zainab Mohammed, Director of Property Management and Marketing at wasl properties, said: “The new application is in line with the Smart Dubai 2021 strategy and its aim is to promote technological advances that benefit the city`s residents, their economy and their resources.” “To deal with the current situation, it is necessary to work closely with different stakeholders and to support Dubai`s initiatives. As part of this commitment, the group has joined a growing number of companies supporting measures to support the business and public sector,” said Hesham Al Qassim, CEO of wasl Asset Management. Yes, you can check out our site`s `credit-lease` and `Upcoming Projects` section for info and image properties.

If you have registered your interest above 800wasl (9275), our customer service will contact you to arrange the visit of the available property. Each of our customer service employees in wasl`s customer service centers will have complete information on unpaid debts and can help you. E. You must issue us a security cheque equal to the amount corresponding to the value of the total amount of rent owed in relation to the corresponding rental agreement for the rest of the year (“safety check”). If you do not pay a payment, if you are due, we can use the security check to recover all unpaid payments for the remainder of the rental year. If, after using the security cheque, there are still amounts pending for lease, you must issue us a new security cheque. If, after using the security cheque, we have cashed an amount that goes beyond your rent for the rest of the rental period, you must go to one of our help centres to get a refund of this amount after deducting the administrative costs incurred. The group has made a number of decisions to reduce financial pressure on its customers, including the extension of rents for commercial and residential units from three to six months.