By way of marginal remark, I might be wrong, but my view is based on my own experience as a seller is that if the seller is not able to distinguish the difference between the defective wheel and a faulty gearbox, it also represents the company specializing in the sale of cars and, given that it is a particular person considered competent to give advice and advice on the products sold by this company. Its responsibility should be not only to highlight the advantages and good points of the vehicle, but also to provide accurate information about its errors when questioned by the buyer. If he does not have knowledge of the nature of the errors, then he should forego any information that may later prove to be inaccurate and, as I have happened, induce the buyer to make an uninformed purchase. If you have paid for a vehicle in cash or with a personal loan from your financial institution but refuse to take possession of the vehicle, it is often too late to change your mind without consequences once the sales contract is signed. If there is an offer, to compensate the owners in your position, it may not be the offer you want. In principle, you want them to take back a 6-month-old car and give you back your deposit. Normally, that would be very unlikely, because the company would lose a lot of money. But it could depend on what else is going on and the pressure Volkswagen is under (both legally and commercially, as they must continue to build and sell vehicles). Hello Stuart, I went to my local dealer last week and I brought a pick-up truck, I watched this for about a week and the seller made me an offer on, I took it and he ran all the finances, last week I went in and signed the contract and I went out with my pick-up , 2 days ago he prognailed me and said he made a mistake on the contract and it would cost me an extra $101 a month on top of what I was already paying, I told him I wasn`t happy and then I was told I had 2 options1, bring back the pick-up and terminate the contract .2, pay the extra monthly figure, please you can tell me where I stand on that thank you Steve. – £200 down payment, is it refundable? For it to be unrpayable, does he have to say it on the order form? The seller told me it was 100% recoverable. When you sign a vehicle order, you`re generally expected to start about 10% of the purchase price – or at least a pretty juicy amount of money you wouldn`t want to lose.

There is no legal obligation, but it is a common practice.