This agreement sets out in writing all the terms of the sale which, if signed by both parties, is your contract for the future. You can submit an unconditional offer, i.e. there are no specific conditions to be fulfilled or that you can include in your offer one or more conditions (which must be met until a specified date). Ask your lawyer or advisor to check the sales contract and all the conditions you include before signing. These are some general conditions: if you cannot get financing and they want to terminate the contract, you are required to prove the steps you have taken to obtain this financing. You cannot use this condition to cancel if you simply change your mind about the purchase. A purchase and sale contract becomes unconditional if all the conditions are met. If you intend to buy or sell your home privately, you need to know how to navigate it yourself, which is why so few people take the risk of doing it alone. If you list your property with a real estate agency and sell it privately while the agency contract is still in place, you may have to pay commissions according to the terms of the agency contract. Be careful if you have already had an agency agreement. If an agent introduces a buyer and later sells you privately to that buyer, the agency can still charge commissions for the sale. When the sale is completed, the seller pays the agent for his services. The agent or agency usually takes the commission of the deposit they hold in their trust account.

The agent cannot ask you to pay for your services if they have been hired by the seller. You may need to sell your existing home to buy another one. You can add in the condition that the contract depends on the guarantee of an unconditional contract for the sale of your own home first until a specific date. If you are selling your property privately and you have also listed the property for sale with a real estate agency, you may have to pay a commission based on the terms of the agency agreement. Kiwis often refer to a private house sale for real estate commissions and fees. If this sounds like you, here you will find many tips on the commission, which contains examples of commissions and advice on the bargaining commission, on the best selling price and on the reduction of costs. It`s really helpful. If you add a Sunset clause to the purchase and sale agreement, you can be sure that your offer has been accepted or declined until that time and date, which will allow you to offer real estate. If you bid for another property while waiting to hear about your first offer, you may find yourself in a situation where both offers are accepted and you have committed to buying two properties. The purchase and sale agreement contains obligations and general terms and conditions that you must comply with.

This includes: if you are selling your home privately, make sure you appreciate its legality. Follow our advice and the free checklist of legal documents to better understand what it is all about. If you are selling privately, your lawyer can establish the sales and sale contract based on the price and terms you have agreed with a buyer or help you verify a sales contract that a buyer has offered to you. If you have little experience in selling a home, we recommend that you first consider the pros and cons of a private sale. Things may seem simple from your end, but the hardest job in selling real estate is not marketing and advertising, but rather the period between the date the sales contract is signed and the unconditional date. Before signing a purchase and sale agreement, the agent must provide you with a copy of the REA New Zealand Residential Property Sale and Purchase Agreement.