We don`t know who sent the email. The first time I contacted SMUD via Solar, I told your representative that we wanted to add more panels for our electric car that we would buy in the Furture. They told us that we had waited to buy the car and that we could display more discs. They told me that I had to install the system until a specific date to become a grandfather, but they didn`t tell me that I would lose my grandfather status when I added discs for the electric car that I told them I was going to buy. Your employees should have been at the forefront and give me the whole story, if you try to get so many people to subscribe to your program and you do not omit important details like this, which are buried in the CEO`s report. SMUD acts more like a company that tries to break the initial agreement at every opportunity you can find rather than the municipal utilitiy that really tries to help your customers. I hope you will do the right thing and the customers, the grandfather SMUD in the add-ons, without looking for a reason to give me the status of grandfather. It would have been nice to be in the paperwork. I write to be against the fees of access to the solar network.

These royalties would penalize existing solar customers (like me) who signed agreements on the basis of a tariff structure that existed at the time of their signing. It pulls the rug out. It`s not fair. In 1975, the city of Santa Clara founded the country`s first municipal solar energy supplier. As part of the Solar Water Heating Program provides, installs and awaits Santa Clara solar water heating for residents and businesses. In addition, the city has also installed solar installations for a number of its own facilities. Solar installations are available in the city to heat swimming pools, process water and hot water. The equipment (solar panels, controllers and storage tanks) is in possession and is maintained by the city under a lease agreement. The tenant pays an initial fee for reU installation will not connect solar photovoltaic installations in size to exceed their on-site demand.

Solar photovoltaic installations that exceed their local needs are not considered net generators and must be subject to the Electricity Purchase Contract (AAE) application process; However, at this stage, REU is not on the market for photovoltaic AAE SOLAIRE.