If your documents are properly downloaded, you will receive a confirmation message informing you. If not, a message will tell you that we have not been able to download your document. In addition, a form containing all the personal information you enter will be displayed to make it easy to print the letter and send your request to Experian with a copy of your document. Any document that you believe proves your claim, such as z.B a cancelled cheque, a letter from your creditor, a tally, a court or district document, bankruptcy or dismissal papers, a letter from the IRS, etc. You can provide additional documents by mail or in return to experian.com/upload and the entry and influence of a new session. Documents can be downloaded at experian.com/upload. This address of the site is displayed on the “Conflict to Article” pages on our website. Examples of documents we do not accept are credit card statements, cancelled cheques, leases, magazine subscriptions and postal orders. By typing the characters in an image, you make sure that a person – not an automated program – excludes the form. This step prevents other people from downloading your personal data.

A pdf file means portable document file format. It is a widely used document format that has been designed to distribute official documents online. A pdf file keeps the margins, fonts, page breaks and formatting of an official document, so that it is printed in the same way on each printer or computer. The Equifax logo is a registered trademark of Equifax in the United States and other countries. We cannot advise you on how to eliminate a virus. Please send us your document. Some programs allow you to save a tiff file. To do this, or to see if your software contains this option, open the document file, select “Save under,” and then search for the Tiff option. Tiff conversion software can also be found online with a search engine. The size of all documents downloaded during a session should not exceed 15 Mb. Up to five documents can be downloaded during a session. iPhone is a trademark of Apple Inc.

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