Repurchase Agreement Acca

In the borrower`s accounts, the bonds are recognised as an asset and the cash received from the lender is recorded as a “repo loan”. Financial assets: When the financial asset (borrowing) is sold as part of a repo transaction, it cannot be recognised in the accounts, as the transferor essentially retains all the risks […]

Rental Agreement And Covid 19

As a support measure for tenants and tenants, on 27 March 2020 the Federal Council adopted the regulation to mitigate the effects of the coronavirus in rental and leasing (COVID 10 Regulation, hereinafter “Regulation”). This Regulation, in force since 28 March 2020, shall apply until 31 May 2020. It sets, among other things, the […]

Regional Trade Agreement Examples

Regional trade agreements (SAAs) now cover more than half of international trade and coincide with global multilateral agreements within the framework of the World Trade Organization (WTO). In recent years, many countries have actively attempted to establish new bilateral and regional — and often more modern and advanced — trade agreements aimed at increasing […]