EMPSI developed a TBEI that evaluated the continued implementation of the 2008 operating agreement for the duration of the 2008 operating agreement (until 2050). We have also established a biological assessment taking into account reservoirs and river farms for threatened and threatened species, including the Rio Grande Silbes and a series of bird species. TBEI assessed the long-term impact of ongoing operations under the agreement, including the integration of climate change modelling scenarios into future water supply estimates, the impact on special status types in a fluctuating reservoir, and analysis of surface water interaction with groundwater. The Rio Grande Operating Agreement describes how the Bureau of Reclamation provides water, releases memory and delivers to the Elephant Butte Irrigation District in New Mexico, the El Paso County Water District No. 1 in Texas and Mexico under a 1906 international treaty. The Rio Grande project is made available by the Bureau of Reclamation for irrigation of a number of small and large farms, as well as for local, communal and industrial water use. Elephant Butte Reservoir near Truth or Consequences, NM Elephant Butte Dam, listed on the National Register of Historic Places.