Here you will find other freelance contracts and agreements, e.B. the low-budget agreement, the new media side letter and cooperation agreements. Raising the minimum wage for writers at all levels is a “critical” element of the WGA`s bargaining strategy in its ongoing negotiations on a new film and television contract, the WGA bargaining committee said today in a message to guild members. If you would like to purchase a printed copy of the MBA or previous agreements or calendars, send an email to Operations. “As you know, we usually set our negotiating agenda at general meetings. Since many of these meetings had to be cancelled this year, we give you an overview of our proposals to the AMPTP through a series of emails, starting with this one on minimum requirements. “FAIR SCRIPTING FEES FOR FEATURES: We also need to significantly increase the minimum scripting fee for screenwriters and ensure that writers who work for streaming services receive the appropriate minimum remuneration. Netflix, Amazon and Apple released 50 feature films last year, and HBO Max recently announced that it would enter the feature film market. We need to ensure that writers who work for these services receive a minimum of paid cinema, whether their films are shown in cinemas or not. In terms of repetitions in basic cable television, residues are usually calculated either at 1) of a cable formula where decreasing percentages are applied to the applicable minimum cable values, commonly referred to as the “Sanchez formula”, which refers to the program “Sanchez de Bel Air” for which the formula was first used[7], or 2) a “Hitchcock formula”, named after the program “Alfred Hitchcock Presents”,” which represents one hundred and twenty percent (120%) of the difference between the prime time minimum of the corresponding network and the minimum cable applicable for twelve (12) repetitions over five (5) years[8]. The MBA is the collective agreement that covers most of the work of WGA authors. If you have any questions about the application or interpretation of the Rules, please contact the Guild Contracts Department or call (323) 782-4501.

This article gives a brief overview of how professional screenwriters should be paid according to guild rules. New writers who are not yet members of the guild are not bound by these minimum requirements. In addition to the Independent Production Agreement (API), the WGC has also entered into agreements with the CBC, the NFB and several broadcasters (broadcasting agreements are for in-house production only). To obtain copies of the Agreement you need, please contact the WGC at (416) 979-7907 or 1-800-567-9974 or email The 2015-2017 DPI has been extended until June 30, 2019. All terms and forms of the agreement remain as follows, with the exception of the script fee, which increased by 1% on January 1, 2018. See below for the new price sheet. The second type of residual calculation is an income-based calculation where the arrears to be paid are based on a percentage of the revenue received by the studio or distributor.

The second option applies to reuse on basic cables, AVOD[5] and non-high-budget SVOD[6] programs, among others. “For these reasons, we are aiming for general minimum increases, including weekly minimum increases for mini-rooms. We are also dealing with a number of treaty provisions that are outdated and do not meet minimum standards. To this end, we propose: “The MBA sets minimum requirements for the initial remuneration of writers in order to maintain our livelihood and set fair standards for our industry. Although some of us earn more than the minimum, the increase in minimum requirements affects all authors. For example, on television, in pension and health insurance, contributions are usually paid up to 2 times and minus the applicable minimum. .