1. Any public-private agreement applies to any construction or infrastructure project in which the private body requires, as a condition of its investment or partnership with the public agency, that the private body have the right to control its labour policy and to carry out all work related to those investments or partnerships in accordance with all collective agreements to which the private party is prohibited and which is therefore legally linked to its own employees and workers. its subcontractors and subcontractors, in all manner, by the National Labor Relations Act, 29 U.S.C 151 and following, or by the Railway Labor Act, 45 U.S.C. 151 and following; Ibidun Roberts: That`s right. It is the master contract, the locals get certain arrangements to negotiate on the ground. But it is for the general concepts on which we agree at the national level. Tom Temin: Let`s talk about the accountability act. What impact will that have on what is happening in the area of labour relations and what do you want, because it would be done in the treaty? However, no new collective agreement is reached for AFGE until both parties agree to all the terms of the contract. Instead, the passport panel turned to 44 articles in which the two sides failed to reach an agreement. She made a decision on those articles last week.

Tom Temin: Okay, and before I go into some of those details, I mentioned about a quarter of a million, I think there are 270,000 employees on the National Council goes to AFGE. Is there an agreement for everyone in the Council? B. Barring provisions of subsection F or federal law, each public body provides to each public body, for the purchase of products or services or the leasing of contracts for the construction, manufacture, maintenance or operation of public works, fully or partially paid for by the state, or to ensure the monitoring or management of these purchases, manufacturing , the manufacture, maintenance or operation of public works, which neither the state authority nor the project manager acting on behalf of the public authority end up in a friendly manner. , in supply specifications, project agreements or other control documents: Ibidun Roberts: Oh yes.