With the power of the union, members can ensure that they are properly compensated for their work and that the companies in which they work benefit from a safe, fair and respectful work environment. Unite Here Local 25 is a local union that is linked to Unite Here and primarily represents hotel employees (particularly hotel employees) in the Washington, D.C metropolitan area. The native makes almost exclusive donations to Democratic Party candidates, has advocated for stricter regulation for companies like Airbnb, and donated to other left-wing organizations that support liberal expansionist positions on immigration and union approaches to economics. In addition to traditional trade union activities related to collective bargaining in the workplace and affiliation benefits, the local is also involved in electoral policy. According to data compiled by the National Institute for Money in State Politics, during the 2018 election cycle, the union`s political committees drove all of their more than $36,000 in campaign contributions to Democrats crazy. These include US$6,000 donated to the California Senate campaign by Maria Elena Durazo (D-Los Angeles), the executive vice president of immigration, civil rights, and local diversity of 25`s parent union, Unite Here. [4] All other donations went to races in Maryland. [5] John Boardman is the Executive Secretary and Treasurer. He has been involved with the inhabitants since at least 1978 and has been a union director since 1996. [14] The Native also donated to Casa in Action, a Maryland-based group of liberal immigration activists that advocates for illegal immigrants and prevents local police cooperation with ICE. [12] [13] 7500 forts, our members are the hard-working people who offer warm hospitality to guests who visit the Washington D.C. We are deeply concerned about the spread of coronavirus and its impact on our members.

We are monitoring the situation closely and have gathered resources and other information on this page. It is regularly updated when we learn more. Linda Martin has been President since 2009. Her work in the 1990s in the D.C.-Sector services industry eventually led to her involvement in the union as a store steward, business agent and finally president. [15] The union donated money to working Families Organization, a non-profit organization associated with the left-wing political group Working Families Party, which takes a progressive stance on a wide range of issues ranging from climate change to labour policy.