by. 6. A city or city that has not established a court under this chapter may enter into an interlocal agreement under IC 36-1-7 with a city or city that: (2) a provision that the municipality waters some of these distributions for the purposes of the agreement. . 1. Its duration may not exceed four (4) years. (2) is located in the same judicial circle as the city or city that has not established a court; (1) instituted a tribunal under this chapter; and p. 9. (a) This section can only be used for an agreement between an Indiana municipality and the county executive in which it is located, with respect to road construction, maintenance and related matters. To hear and eliminate offences that would otherwise fall within the jurisdiction of a court established by the city or city under this chapter. b) An agreement under this section must provide that, in addition, such an agreement may provide for any other appropriate matter.

(1) A provision that the distributions of the highway at point IC 8-14-1, the local road and road account at POINT IC 8-14-2 or both are made to the county and not to the municipality. [Pre-Local Government Recodification Quotes: 19-5-25-1; 19-5-25-3.] (2) Specific functions and services that are provided or provided by the county on behalf of the municipality.