Play a lot of different word games in the same application. Dictionaries, notes and answers are in Norwegian, or you can play in 26 other languages. The following word games are currently included in the app: 1) Word Search2) Fill Word3) Tagged Crossword4) Image Quiz5) Word Puzzle6) Filling in Number7) British Style Crossword 8) Norwegian Crosswords 9) Compact Crosswords Other features are: You decide on the size of the grid, the level of difficulty and many other things- It`s suitable for all screen sizes- Each game has several clues to find the right answers – You can play in portrait or landscape mode You can play our puns in the following languages: English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Dutch, Swedish , Danish, Norwegian, Spanish, Polish, Hungarian, Czech, Russian, Arabic, Croatian, Greek, Indonesian, Romanian, Serb, Croatian Serb, Slovak, Slovenian, Turkish, Ukrainian Funket ok first day, but after that I simply get to the front and no further in the application games after a few seconds. Not satisfied 1) 6 additional packages: Logos, Logos: Technology, Logos: Transportation, Office, Nature, Airport2) Current Offer3) Patches.